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New York City, San Francisco, and Denver offer some of the hottest pet perks this season.

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Helpful Hints
Finding a pet-friendly hotel can be so exciting that some people forget to read the fine print -- the extra $25 to $150 pet fee that some properties tack onto the room rate.

Just for Fun
Things are heating up. The many stages of heatstroke.
New and Noteworthy
Are you envious of your dog’s life? Who wouldn’t enjoy long days playing outside, sleeping on cushy pillows, and a nice human scratching your back? We've found two great products that take pooch pampering to an entirely new level.
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Summer can bring all sorts of new sounds within earshot of your pet – namely thunderstorms and spontaneous fireworks’ celebrations that seem to linger through the summer months. If loud noises leave your canine cringing and feline flipping out, then don’t despair.
Gadgets and Gizmos
Is your dog pulling you in all directions? Stop the gyrations with the Larz Multi Flex Heeler.


Ritz Carlton, Central Park
50 Central Park South
New York, New York 10019
(212) 308-9100

Strangely enough, as the days heat up, the city that never sleeps, New York City, quiets down and becomes a very desirable destination. The city never ceases to amaze us with its diverse cultural connections, impressive shopping, sightseeing, and dining. Of course, when staying in the city, a Central Park address is absolutely critical, and the hotel of choice these days is the ultra pet-friendly Ritz Carlton Hotel.
Central Park, which blankets over 843 acres of parklands and stretches across 50 city blocks, is always a favorite with our dogs. Although the wide-open green spaces beckon, the five-star rooms at the Ritz, coupled with their impressive Very Important Pooch program, beckon more. We don’t like it when hotels place weight restrictions on guest pets, but in this case, the 60- pound limit is acceptable. The Ritz rolls out the red carpet with ultra chic pet carriers, 22-Karat gold plated ID tags, and aromatherapy spritz treatments for the frizzy coat.

All of these amenities are just a prelude to the home-baked dog treats and carob "bon-bons" that arrive on elegant ceramic dinnerware. After indulging, pets can nap on the bone-shaped plush stuffed doggy "pillows" or the quilted travel mats the hotel provides. On rainy days, your dog can borrow a waterproof trench coat, but if the weather turns cool, ask the concierge for a styling leather jacket or cashmere sweater. The Doggy & Me package offers well-heeled canines the opportunity to enjoy: A complimentary $50 spending spree at Saks Fifth Avenue’s Jazzy Couture collection, a scrumptious basket of goodies and treats, and a photo shoot with renowned photographer, Jeff Moore, who will take your pet’s portrait. To top off a “purrfectly” delightful day, a masseuse can be arranged for while your canine receives the royal spa treatment. Oh, and did we neglect to mention, the Ritz also rolls out the red carpet treatment for people as well.

For a complete list of pet-friendly New York City accommodations, visit the Pets on the Go database.

New and Noteworthy

Are you envious of your dog’s life? Who wouldn’t enjoy long days playing outside, sleeping on cushy pillows, and a nice human scratching your back?

Most people have a favorite pet groomer, but what do you do when your pet needs a little “pick me up” between sessions. Two great new product lines allow you to take extra special care of your canine right in the comfort of your home. SpaDog Botanicals and Aroma Dog — Aromatherapy for Pets both use all natural ingredients that are 100% pure and safe for your pets.

Spa Dog Botanicals offers a trio of aromatic soaps and shampoos for puppies, adventure dogs, and mellow (senior) dogs. They also have specialty products such as Smell Sweet Ear Care, a Eucalyptus Flea Spray, and even an All Dog Lavender Spray to calm the most savage beast. Those yearning for additional scents may also select from the Spa Dog Caret Revive or the Smell Sweet Aromatherapy Doggie bed inserts that keep any dog’s bed smelling fresh. Can’t make up your mind? Then opt for the SpaDog combination packs presented in a trendy tin bucket. Try the Grooming Starter kit or perhaps a kit that focuses on the specific ages of dogs -- puppies, adult dogs, or senior dogs.

Aroma Dog, on the other hand, uses essential oils to “heal and nurture your pet’s body, mind, and soul.” The handsome cobalt blue bottles boast whimsical names, such as Chill Out, Ladies Man, She Devil, and I Itch Not. But for those who think that a product’s name must be as serious as the product itself, don’t dismiss Aroma Dogs dozen or so all-natural products as they not only do a terrific job, but also go a long way in making your pet happier, softer, and much more relaxed.

Hotel Monaco
501 Geary St
San Francisco, California
(866) 622-5284

Our favorite pet-friendly city is San Francisco – the hotels, restaurants, parks, and beaches generally welcome pets while the people, quite simply, embrace them. There are dozens of pet-friendly properties in the city, but one of our favorites lies in the heart of it all near Nob Hill and Union Square. The Hotel Monaco is a classic San Francisco property that incorporates a contemporary albeit eclectic twist. This handsome boutique property not only offers down pillows, Frette robes, and in-room spa services, but also an extensive array of goodies for your feline or canine.

Members please log in for the full review and additional choices for pet friendly properties, beaches and activities in San Francisco and one of our top choices for Denver, Colorado.


Read the Fine Print

Just a reminder: Oftentimes, pet travelers are so delighted to find a pet-friendly property that they forget to check into the associated pet fees and charges. We’ve had a number of emails from people who didn’t check ahead and were upset to learn that they would have to pay from $10-$25 per night in extra pet fees. Over half of the properties listed at Pets on the Go™ charge a fee. The good news is that the fee is generally modest, under $10, and is less than what it would cost to kennel your pet. The following “buyer beware” caveats, about specific hotel groups, should help to reinforce the message – always call ahead and ask about pet fees.

There are a dozen or so posh and lavishly appointed W Hotels scattered about the country; each property provides an impressive list of pet amenities that include everything from pet treats, beds, and bowls to special pet concierge services and a “whatever/whenever” desk outfitted with pet necessities. All of these pet perks are accompanied by a hefty price tag: Be prepared to fork over a $25 pet fee, along with a $100 cleaning fee.

We like residential hotels that offer kitchens, living rooms and separate bedrooms. Suite hotels, like the Residence Inn, will charge a $100 to $200 pet fee. Staybridge Suites charges $100 in pet fees. Unless you are staying for a week or more, it might not make sense to book into these types of properties. These excessive fees aren’t limited to suite hotels with some of the luxury properties, such as the Fairmont, Ritz Carlton, and Rosewood Hotel and Resorts charging between $100 and $250. So before you hit the road, make sure you speak with the manager directly so that you are absolutely clear on any possible fees or deposits.


Boom, Bang, and Crack. Summer can bring all sorts of new sounds within earshot of your pet – namely thunderstorms and spontaneous fireworks’ celebrations that seem to linger through the summer months. If loud noises leave your canine cringing and feline flipping out, then don’t despair.

Many pets become anxious around loud, unfamiliar noises. These out-of-the-ordinary occurrences may not only frighten them, but in some cases, could even damage their eardrums. The signs of anxious behavior vary but are usually quite easy to detect. They range from trying to hide and shaking to excessive panting, barking, and pacing. There are several steps to take that should reduce the stress your dog and cat feel during these potentially stressful times.

  1. If possible, plan ahead and remove your pet from the area (or from within earshot) of the thunderstorms, fireworks, or rambunctious relatives. Take them to a friend’s house where they are less likely to hear these noises.
  2. Much like infants and young children, pets enjoy routines, stability, and their creature comforts. Get them to a quiet room with an air conditioner or fan and a television or radio. Turn the air conditioner/fan on high to provide some white noise and then select a channel on your television/radio that closely resembles conversation they might hear during the day. Assembling a few creature comforts will also aid in their overall tranquility. These can include a favorite bed, toy, or pillow.
  3. If the aforementioned ideas don’t work, then talk to your vet. With their guidance, you may find that products, such as Comfort Zone® with D.A.P.® (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) and Comfort Zone® with Feliway® for cats, aid in reducing the anxiety felt by your pet ( Made of synthetic pheromones that naturally control and manage pet behavior, these products help manage a pet’s anxiety, fear, and stress without drugs or electronic training devices. The pheromones are undetectable by humans, and are safe and nontoxic to people and animals. These products either come in a handy spray bottle or a plug in version that gently dispenses the odorless pheromone solution.

Keep in mind, that ultimately the best source of calm, during stressful times, if your company and calm voice.


Not a day goes by that we don’t see an energized dog taking their owner for a walk. Often the poor person is doing all that they can to keep from being twisted around signposts and trees in an effort to keep up with a speedy pooch. Some people literally harness this boundless energy and allow romping rovers to pull them along in carts or behind cross-country skis. But for those of us who just want walk our dogs, there is a much simpler solution. While most dogs can be trained to walk alongside you, we found one excellent product that should gently aid in the adjustment period.

The Larz Multi Flex Heeler. This innovative leash features a strong elastic cord that allows every tug to be absorbed rather than to choke your dog. We like the thick, soft padded handle which fits comfortably around your wrist. Especially rambunctious dogs still benefit from a soft touch, as the padded collar ensures that any sudden jerks on the leash will not injure their neck, throat, or back muscles. The leashes come in a variety of great colors and lengths. Larz Equipment’s support staff can assist you in determining a suitable leash and collar for your dog.


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