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Combine 58 million pets in the United States with a very mobile society and you’ll find that more and more people and pets are traveling together along the nation’s highways and byways. Traveling pets may be the rage, yet it isn't always as easy as simply jumping in the car or on plane and heading off. Planning is the essential ingredient to any successful trip, but especially one that involves a pet.

Before you take to the road, travel into our site for tips on pet travel that both novice and expert pet travelers alike will appreciate.

Money Matters includes advice on finding discounted room rates, including the hidden aspects of pet fees and deposits.

Pet Etiquette covers any faux "paws" your pet might make. We offer some bits of advice that should make your trip, and that of your fellow travelers, more comfortable.

Vacation Hesitation is not meant to discourage you from traveling with your pet, but to help understand you whether or not your pet is suited to travel. Some pets are homebodies and prefer the comfort of their surroundings to that of the new smells and environment of the open road.

Transportation is always an important consideration when traveling with a pet. Find out which how to make your pet more comfortable whether riding down the road or across the friendly skies.

Toys for the Traveling Pet provides suggestions on what to pack for your pet.

Pet Emergencies discusses losing a pet on the road or what to do if your pet becomes sick while traveling. Included in this section is a paragraph on Pet Loss that outlines what steps to take if you lose your pet.

Not All Rooms are Created Equal provides the inside scoop on how to reserve the best rooms. It specifies the questions to ask to make sure that you aren’t shuffled into undesirable rooms because you are traveling with a pet.

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