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Pets on the Go visitors weigh in with their "peeves and praises" on a variety of pet travel questions.


Pet Peeves -- you all have them. Sure, it's great that hotels take pets, but when they relegate you to the worst room in the place or tell you that you cannot EVER leave your pet alone in the room, it can be more than just slightly inconvenient. We've broken out your pet peeves into a few categories (there are some major themes brewing), and then provide you with some of our visitors' comments. And so without further ado.....

Pet Travelers Pet Peeves
Cannot leave pet alone in room: 5%
Pet people are given the worst rooms (Smoking, shabby furnishings, dirty): 29%
Size/weight restrictions: 11%
Charges excessive fees: 35%
Limit the number of pets per room: 4%
No place to walk/exercise dogs: 5%
No off leash areas for pets: 6%
A few irresponsible guests ruin it for others: 5%

" I have a 5 lb chihuahua and usually have to pay from $10 to $25 per night extra for him. Of course, I could do as most people do, sneak him in, but I would rather be up front, however the high cost makes "sneaking" tempting."

"The main thing that bugs me is the $50.00+ deposit in supposedly "pet friendly" motels. They are really full of "it" when they say they want pets. We also found that motels like to put you and your pets in smoking rooms even though you or your pets don't smoke."

"...not being able to leave our dog in the room (even briefly)"

"old and ragedy furniture"

"...some will only take little pets and i have a big dog."

"Our pet peeve is, the most people do not (pick up after their pets) and it gives people who travel with their pets a bad name.

"no extra charge for kids, extra charge for pets."
"...making us stay in smoking rooms!"
"They forget that humans stay there too so they tend not to be the "poshest."
"How are we supposed to eat as we cannot take pets into restaurants (and cannot leave them in the room unattended)?"

posted by Ali 11:30 PM
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